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  Chapter 27


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The shift from the object, to the dynamic relationship and system that subject and object formulate, runs parallel to the shift from the Descartean segregation of matter versus spirit, to the Quantum acceptance of the dual, contradictory and yet inseparable nature of light as being both wave and particle, energy and matter.

This theory has established that we cannot reduce reality in one, absolute, value; a paradox that defies the human need of common sense to arrive at one and only one "true"-"reality".

This interchange of the complementary nature of the opposites leads to the notion of a game (of Time) "where there is no winning ever" and no one prevails.

This basically Heracletean approach of constant Flux, of Being in its Becoming (which also concurs with Heizenberg's theory of uncertainty) recognizes that all descriptions of reality imply a choice on the part of the observer and an active participation in the nature of this reality.

In this light Respect demands to be acknowledged not only as an ethical value but as a natural law.