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Aemilia Papaphilippou
21 Aristidou str., 145 61 Athens, Greece 
tel +30 6972405478
19/6/1961, Asmara, Erithrea, East Africa.

Studies- Distinctions:


1990 Research Center for Art and Science fellowship
1987-89 Teaching fellowship by the side of Peter Campus in the Video Art department in New York University
1987-89 "Alexandros S. Onassis". Public Benefit Foundation fellowship
1987-89 New York University, MA in Video Art, New York.
1980-85 Graduate Athens School of Fine Arts, painting, Athens

Personal Exhibitions:


National Gallery of Macedonia - Multimedia Center Mala Stanica, Skopje, Fyrom, (catalogue) 

2010 Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, permanent installation, reception -bar titled Liquid Sky, (leaflet)

Cultural Center "L.Kanellopoulos", titled Fluid Landscapes, Eleusis, (catalogue)

2003 Belgrade Cultural Centre, titled "Chess Continuum", Belgrade, Serbia, (catalogue)
2003 365 Art project, titled "Art on the fringe", Athens
1997 Nees Morfes Gallery, titled "Chess Continuum", Athens
1997 Louise Jones Brown gallery, Duke University, titled "Chess Continuum", N. Carolina, USA
1991 Sao Paolo Biennal, with the work Chess or "Playing in the field of Time there is no winning ever", officially representing, Greece, (catalogue)
1989 Medusa Art Gallery, titled "To Morpheus", Athens
1988 80 Washington Square Galleries, N.Y., USA
1986 Medusa Art Gallery, titled "Είναι – μη Είναι", "Being - not Being", Athens

Selected participations in Collective Exhibitions:

2009 "Nees Morfes - 50 years later", Benaki Museum at Piraeus str., (catalogue)
2008 Athens Art Gallery
2008 "Art Pulses", Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, curated by Yiannis Roussos, (catalogue)
2007 "Blind date ", exhibition on the concept of synergy between artists and philosophers, curated by Antonis Volanakis
2007 "Topi (locations)", collections of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Benaki Museum, curated by Dennis Zaharopoulos, (catalogue)
2007 International Harlech Biennale, international art residency, Wales, UK
2007 "En-Katastaseis In-Situations ", Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, curated by Megakles Rogakos, (catalogue)
2007 National Gallery of Macedonia- Mala Stanica Center, Skopje,Fyrom. Galichnik Art Residency, curated by Ana Frangovska, (catalogue)
2006 "Pineapple, doughnut, cooked crudeness ", Municipal Market of Kypseli, Athens. Organized by the artists group Reconstruction.
2004 "Far Near Center - 12 Positions in Greek contemporary art", organized by and at the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany, curated by Monica Poalas and Francoise Heitsch, (catalogue). Collective exhibition running parallel at the Gallery Francoise Heitsch
2004 "Pancevo International Biennal", Pancevo, Serbia, curated by Svetlana Mladenov and Igor Antic, (catalogue)
2004 "Epipleon" (in addition) Municipal gallery of Psychico, Athens, curated by Eugenia Alexaki. (catalogue)
2003 ''©EUROPE EXISTS'' representing Greece, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, curated by Harald Szeemann and Rosa Martinez, (catalogue)
2002 "Open" representing Greece at Lido-Venice in Italy, curated by Lina Tsikouta, (catalogue)
2001 "The Myth of Woman in Greek Contemporary Art" at the Goulandri Museum of Modern Art, Andros, curated by Harris Kambouridis, (catalogue)
2000 "Synopsis 1 - Communications". Inaugural exhibiton of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens., (catalogue)
2000 "Artissima", Torino, representing Nees Morfes gallery
1999 "Art Bonds", "Alexandros S. Onassis" Public Benefit Foundation fellows, curated by Yiannis Rousos, (catalogue)
1998 "Contemporary Greek Art - three generations", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, National gallery - A. Soutzos Museum, Athens, Greece. Curated by Omer Mordechai and Marina Lambraki - Plaka, (catalogue)
1998 "New Acquisitions" Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonique, (catalogue)
1998 "Original Replica", Nees Morfes gallery, curated by Eleni Kipreou, (catalogue)
1997 "The screw metaphora", Theodossiadis Building, Pireus
1996 "Project 2000", pallazo Brischerasio, Tourino, Italy, curated by Efie Strouza
1995 "Dialogue der Kulturen", Erfurt, Germany, curated by Katerina Koskina, (catalogue)
1995 "The ephemera", Athens, Thessalonique, Crete, curated by Maria Maragu, (catalogue)
1994 "Techne-Metis" Museum of Cycladic Art, House of Cyprus, Municipal Art Center, Athens. Famagusta Gate, Nicosia. Curated by Adelina von Furstenberg
1994 "Enticing Differences", Arte Fiera di Bologna, curated by Lucretia de Domicio Dourini and Efie Strouza, (catalogue)
1993 "Center for Research on Art and Science", opening exhibition, Yerovouno, Athens. Founded by sculptor Takis, (catalogue)
1993 "Project Concrete Utopia", Athens, curated by Efie Strouza and Lucretia de Domicio Dourini
1992 "Sanat - Techne", Instabul, Mimar Sinan University painting and sculpture Museum, curated by Efie Strouza and Beral Madra, (catalogue)
1991 Sao Paolo Biennale, Brazil, representing Greece, curated by Maria Marangu, (catalogue)
1990 Youth Biennale of Mediterranean Countries, Marseille, France, (catalog)
1989 Pierce College, American College of Greece, alumni, Athens
1989 "17+1" Municipal gallery of Athens, Medusa Art Gallery, (catalogue)
1988 "Eighty - Painters of Europe" organized by the European Community and the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, (catalogue)
1986 Youth Biennale of Mediterranean Countries, Thessalonique, Greece (catalogue)
1985 "Exhibition of New Creators" at Goulandri Museum of Modern Art, Andros, curated by Manos Stefanidis

Teaching Experience


The Athens Dialogues, organized by the Onassis Foundation. Participating at the thematic session "Quality of Life" as respondent.

2010 The sacred in Art, lecture of  Kallistos Ware and artists, organized by Niki Tsironi atthe Benaki Museum at Piraeus str.

Lecture at the Onassis Foundation titled "From Being-not Being to Chess Continuum"

2006-2007 Taught at the post-graduate department of the Graduate Athens School of Fine Arts
2004 Lecture upon my work at Munich School of Fine Arts.
2000 Lecture upon my work at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
1997 Lecture for an event organized by both Compaq Computer Corporation and MIicrosoft Corporation . This lecture titled "Art History Compaqued" aimed at adjoining art history and art works as formation of thinking systems with the formation of computing systems.
1997 Visiting artist at Duke University, N. Carolina, U.S.A.  Exhibition - lecture upon my work.
1987 - 1989 Teaching fellowship - Teaching Assistant to Professor Peter Campus, Head of the Video Art and Mixed Media Department at New York University, New York, U.S.A.
2007 International Harlech Biennale, Wales, UK
2006 Galichnik Art Residency, Scopje, FYROM