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Chaidari Kan-enas Creativity as a Selfmodel Από το "Είναι-μη Είναι" στο "Σκακιστικό Συνεχές"
For Engonopoulos Performance Pizza με όλα "Chess Continuum" and " Uncommon Ground" Yπόμνημα Εργασίας

Chaidari Park of Historical Memory. (At Chaidari there was a concentration camp during the German occupation)

Study for the monument by Aemilia Papaphilippou, December 2008 (pdf)

This sculptural study's approach is based and inspired by the following fact as witnessed and recorded in the book "Chaidari" by the doctor of the camp Antonis Flountzis.The detainees on their way to Kaisariani, where their imminent execution would take place, seeking ways to communicate with their loved ones in their this last hour, they threw from the truck that transported them, a lot of notes, on small papers or written in pieces of cloth (since paper was prohibited), on hankerchiefs, clothes and in a case somebody on his wooden leg...