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  Chapter 26

Liquid Sky, 2010

Onassis Cultural Center Building, Athens, permanent installation.

Led sculpture-resin cut with a CNC and painted with car paint, led programming, corian structures for benches, stools and bar.

Making of video

Liquid Sky is situated on the axis of the main entrance and functions as the lounge / bar area, of the Onassis Cultural Center building.

It integrates the aesthetic and the functional by transforming the existing tilted ceiling of this area of the building that lies beneath the theater.

By enmeshing the slope of the ceiling within the system of the work, it refers the viewer to the ever eluding experience of horizon; which is in reality an illusionary plane and an ever receding limit.

Furthermore, since the piece gets reflected on the floor, enhancing the feeling of suspension in space, it suggests that gravity -and the illusion of perspective- is a phenomenon of universal attraction.

Triggering awareness of the ever changing Cosmos around us and of the human quest for meaning, Liquid Sky, initiates the viewer in the notion of culture as meta-nature.

The whole installation, including the functional parts, the curved walls that act as benches, the stools, the bar, and the programming of the fluctuating led lights as well, is designed to refer to waves and oscillations and to evoke the invariability of change.

The red grid (referring to the Chess Continuum) simultaneously divides and unites in an environment where the viewer discerns similarities among shapes. Be it ‘clouds’,’mountains’ ‘bodies’ or what have you, one becomes gradually aware of the fractal self-similarity principle recognizing the homogeny and homology that permeates all.

Amidst constant transformation and fluidity, humans seek out constants, inventing them as they dream and love.

In relation to the piece, the mathematician
Yiannis Vlassopoulos

has written the following text.

Photos 1, 2,, 3, 4 by Panos Kokkinias
Photos 9, 10, 13 by
Gerasimos Domenikos