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  Chapter 10


Originally a photocopy.
Later on, printed on various materials and dimensions.

During the setting up of the previous piece I met, Esat.C.Basak assistant curator, who helped me weave the cross in space.

We had instant rapport and I felt that if the cross was a cultural barrier for the Turkish public, a Greek - Turkish collaboration would be an equal provocation for the Greek public in the prospective "SANAT-TEXNH 2" exhibition. We photocopied our handshake, by putting our hands in the photocopy machine and I used this image as the unit / symbol of collaboration.
By adding in line consecutive images of the handshake, I had at hand once again, the "string": a string of handshakes, an image that resembled a rope, a
symbol of the twisting, interweaving of the opposites.
Recognizing the structural analogy between the string ( where parallel strands twist in opposite directions) and the handshake (where you cannot accomplish a handshake by yourself but need two people facing each other) I was led to the next piece which was adjusting the string of handshakes along the Moebius band.