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  Chapter 11

Moebius band, 1992

Originally a photocopy.
Later on, various materials and dimensions.

The Moebius band, introduced by the mathematician Moebius, is characterized by the fact that you can traverse from one side of the band to the other without having to cross a barrier of any kind since both sides are in reality one unified surface.

This paradoxical form of the Moebius Band, as well as the experience of actually weaving the cross in space by walking continuously back and forth from wall to wall , influenced my development and formed in time the Chess Continuum ideogram in my mind.

Realizing that this belongs in reality in the Logos Scheme I simply traced it on the soap, while at the same time I changed the title for future exhibitions into Chess Continuum- Logos Scheme

(Exhibited at Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens, 1997, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 1997 and 2002, Belgrade Cultural Centre, 2003, European Patent Office, Munich, 2004, State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessalonique, 1998,2004,2007, National Gallery, Skopje, 2010)