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  Chapter 18

FIXed in Flux, 2000

"Synopsis 1 - Communications"
, Inauguration of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, curated by the director Anna Kafetzi.

Video installation in situ.

Given that the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, was (and still is destined to be) situated within the run down building of a former brewery named FIX, and although a small area inside has been somewhat organized so as to serve as exhibition space, I felt (when called to participate in the inaugural exhibition) that the situation should not be overlooked.

In this light, of a Museum in flux, a Museum in genesis (where the opposite forces of 'chaos' and 'order' were apparent) and having at hand the conceptual tool of the Chess Continuum loop, I decided to tear down the partition wall between the space which served as "Museum" and the run down space of the FIX building.
My intention of unifying the two spaces was more than reinforced since I discovered an already existing gap which served beautifully to receive my scaffolding.

This platform led the spectator to see a video projection, 7 meters below, on the basement floor of the building. 

In the video the interaction of chaos and order is witnessed in the similarity of two images: 

- the image of 'white noise', 'TV snow' (which is a chaotic phenomenon of the technology itself),

- And the image of sunlight glittering on the sea.

My aim: to allude to the quantum nature of Light; being fixed (as a particle) and yet in constant flux (as a pulse), bearing, designing and weaving Being in Time, Being in its Becoming.
The title therefore FIXed in Flux refers both to the Museum and the nature of light.