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  Chapter 12

Chess Continuum-ideogram, 1992

Chess Continuum describes in one continuous line, chess as map of battle as well as unity of the opposite and yet complementary forces.
Forces acting the drama of creation, facilitating the flow of life.

Black and white define each other reciprocally and this interchange from diversity to unity promotes the everlasting transient: the Ephemeron, the Game.

A game which lasts for a long time now, where one fleeting moment follows the next; transforming all, always remaining the same.
The game of Time, where perhaps even time itself may be just another game and energy in-forms matter and vice versa.

All is in flux and solid at the same time, both wave and particle as quantum physics informs us, nothing is final and all coexist in conflict; they differ and yet find themselves in covenant, disputing and defining each other and we are being endlessly enchanted, captivated by this game of flux, where one is simultaneously being the game and the game's game in the constant flow of Being in Time, of Being in its Becoming.

In every way, in our era of globalization, cross-cultural interdependence and ecology, the game of Chess Continuum, of Unity as Diversity is in full progress.