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  Chapter 7

Morpheus, 1989

Medusa Art Gallery, Athens.

Wooden planks from old ships, burnt engine oil, wooden forms, heat resistances, sound, variable dimensions

The gradient structure, adjusted around the column of the Gallery, is recognized-in its reflection on the burnt engine oil- as a flight of stairs. However being only a reflection, this staircase as well as the illusion of the subterranean room is inaccessible.

The 'swords', the hanging wooden sculptural forms, are mostly enlargements of fishing corks; signifying the limits between known and unknown.
The incandescent resistances, mostly revealed in their reflection, influence the temperature around them and increase the smell of the oil. 

A sound piece (of breathing) at an underground chamber, echoed discreetly in space.
Morpheus (who according to the Greeks is the god of Sleep and brother to Death) pursues the balancing line which, at the same time, divides and yet unites reality and reflection.